The "not the end of the world" sale!

I'm feeling generous (blame it on recent fatherhood), so have decided to have a short special offer on Covenant, my story game of failing conspiracies.

For one week only you can get it for 40% off its normal price at Indie Press Revolution. Both print and PDF versions.

Covenant in Italian

As I mentioned over at Storygames, you can get hold of the Italian Translation of Covenant. Translated by the nice folks at Coyotepress, featuring new art and supplemental material from the Codex. The book seems to be acquiring some good reviews , which is heartening.

Dragonmeet & The Collective Journal

If you want a demo of Pulp! then I suggest you pop along to Dragonmeet in London on the 29th November. I'll have the last few ashcans on hand too.

I'll be on the Collective Endeavour stand, where we'll have shiny new copies of the Collective Endeavour Journal, which contains an intro scenario for Pulp! along with a variety of other articles for cool British Indie games. Everything from Hot War to Duty & Honour.

GenCon Indy-bound and Pulp!

Next week I'll be heading stateside to that Mecca of gaming GenCon Indianapolis!

I'll be feverishly demoing and selling my wares with the Play Collective (booth 2039). The Collective are an enthusiastic group of designers who have a passion for self-publishing, including: Vincent BakerJoshua A.C. Newman, Robert Bohl , Emily Care Boss , Judd Karlman , Tony Lower-Basch , Elizabeth Shoemaker and Malcolm Craig . These are some of my favourite designers, so it's really great  to be joining them!

The booth is also partnered with the Ashcan Front. Here you'll find some late-playtest games looking for enthusiastic and constructive feedback.

As ever I'll have Covenant on sale, grab me if you want a demo or just to chat about the game and where it came from. I'll also have a limited number of copies of Pulp! which is ready for fast and furious action!

Covenant now in PDF

Well, it's been a while coming, but I finally released an electronic version of Covenant.

You can currently download the PDF at RPGNOW for a $10 price tag. This is half what the book costs, so you're getting plenty of goodness for your e-buck.

The PDF also contains all the errata and a few extra tweaks. Nothing major was added, but if you own the book, drop me and email (matt / at / realms / co / uk) and I'll hook you up with a PDF too. Gratis.