The Realms Codex : Redux

The Realms Codex is now back in action following a severe bout of spam that was making it difficult to use. This mostly seems sorted with the new upgrade. There's some good stuff there, contributed by folks who have run their own games. The cities are well worth investigating.

Thanks to Warpcon

I had a great time at Warpcon in Cork over the weekend. Thanks to all the folks who stopped by the Indie Games Track, the organisers for such a social con and special thanks to the players in my Covenant game.

Off to Furnace for RPG Fun

This weekend (20th-21st October), I'll be at Furnace, a rather groovy convention in Sheffield. As always, I'll be with my compatriots from the Collective Endeavour. Expect there to be lots of Indie games goodness, with a fair few interesting games hitting Ashcan (almost done) phases.


I'll be at Ropecon near Helsinki over the weekend, hanging with the folks from Arkkikivi, who import Covenant and other excellent indie games to Finland. Pop by and say hi, and marvel at my lack of Finnish language skills!

More Reviewing

Graham Walmsley has written a great review of Covenant at RPG.NET, which highlights both the good and the unclear about the book. Cheers Graham!