Moves, Thanks and Retail

Realms has now moved servers, so if you experienced any oddities, that's why.

Thanks to all those folks who came and played at Essen, and to the great Projekt Odyssee and Pro Indie folks who helped me out. Some 35 copies were sold at, or because of, Essen. So I count it as a great success.

Also, Leisure Games in London have Covenant on preorder. So if you're a capital-based story gamer, you can get it without postage for a princely £9.99.

Spiel Essen

 Next week I'll be off to the excellent Spiel Essen, four days of gaming fun in Essen, Germany. Covenant, and several other small press games, will be on sale at the Projekt Odyssee / Nexus Booth, Hall 6, #279. Come along and grab a quick demo or a chat.

Now Available at Indie Press Revolution!

Covenant is now available (along with many other excellent games) at Indie Press Revolution!

The base price is the same ($18), but there's free shipping in the USA for orders over $25 (and there are some great games you could combine with Covenant to make up to that, like Cold City or Conspiracy of Shadows).

New previews and examples

There are some new previews of Covenant : A story game of failing conspiracies available on the downloads page. These include the group cell creation process, taken from the chapter "Preparing for play", and the game's introductory text taken from "The end of the world never happened".

Also, if you haven't already checked it out, there's an example of play available. This shows how the conflict system works, it's a social arena example, showing how the system integrates with roleplay.

Now available at

Cover ImageCovenant : A story game of failing conspiracies is now available for purchase at the Realms Publishing Lulu Store

GenCon was great! I sold my first short print run and met some great small press RPG folks. The Forge Booth had a great atmosphere and hopefully I'll make it back in a few years...