The Pulp Miniatures List

Where to get figures for Pulp!? That's a question I get asked. Fortunately there's a fair few places you can get some pulpy goodness in miniatures from online.

Obviously my favourites are the Copplestone Castings range of High Adventure and Back of Beyond. You've got some great armed archaeologists, assorted dinosaurs, explorers and yetis. Plus the Gangsters range give you thugs and guys with tommy guns. Mark's a nice guy too, so deserves your custom.

Another recent discovery is the Artizan Designs collection of Thrilling Tales minis. There's a great collection of aviators, police, cultists, nefarious villains and even some suitably nasty looking robots. Personally I particularly like the Sky Pirates.

Some of the RAFM Cthulhu miniatures have a suitably pulpy feel. Some of the sculpts are a bit cartoonish for my liking though.

Pulp figures produce a variety of options too. Again, some dodgy sculpts, but they have some unique options like the US Rocket Corps and Agents of Justice that should tempt you.

UK Games Expo 2009

I just got back from UK Games Expo, a wonderful local convention in Birmingham. As always it was a well organised, diverse and entertaining event. A heady mix of board games, card games, roleplaying games and computer games (including a funky retro gaming area). RPGs had a bigger presence this year, and the event as a whole seems to be growing rapidly.

My main purchase of the con were some of the excellent, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang miniatures from Copplestone castings, who have a fun looking game in preparation for the same.

As always I manned the Collective Endeavour stand, where I soft launched Pulp!. This is now in final form (not radically different to the ashcan, but now with coil bind, fixed points calculations and corrected traits). If you fancy trying it, the quickstart demo is available.

Finally, I played a very enjoyable game of Hot War, run by Scott Dorward. If you get a chance to play his con scenario, "A New Covenant", it's a must.

The "not the end of the world" sale!

I'm feeling generous (blame it on recent fatherhood), so have decided to have a short special offer on Covenant, my story game of failing conspiracies.

For one week only you can get it for 40% off its normal price at Indie Press Revolution. Both print and PDF versions.

Covenant in Italian

As I mentioned over at Storygames, you can get hold of the Italian Translation of Covenant. Translated by the nice folks at Coyotepress, featuring new art and supplemental material from the Codex. The book seems to be acquiring some good reviews , which is heartening.

Dragonmeet & The Collective Journal

If you want a demo of Pulp! then I suggest you pop along to Dragonmeet in London on the 29th November. I'll have the last few ashcans on hand too.

I'll be on the Collective Endeavour stand, where we'll have shiny new copies of the Collective Endeavour Journal, which contains an intro scenario for Pulp! along with a variety of other articles for cool British Indie games. Everything from Hot War to Duty & Honour.