Next week I'll be heading stateside to that Mecca of gaming GenCon Indianapolis!

I'll be feverishly demoing and selling my wares with the Play Collective (booth 2039). The Collective are an enthusiastic group of designers who have a passion for self-publishing, including: Vincent BakerJoshua A.C. Newman, Robert Bohl , Emily Care Boss , Judd Karlman , Tony Lower-Basch , Elizabeth Shoemaker and Malcolm Craig . These are some of my favourite designers, so it's really great  to be joining them!

The booth is also partnered with the Ashcan Front. Here you'll find some late-playtest games looking for enthusiastic and constructive feedback.

As ever I'll have Covenant on sale, grab me if you want a demo or just to chat about the game and where it came from. I'll also have a limited number of copies of Pulp! which is ready for fast and furious action!