This page lists all errata for differing print runs of The Agency.

1st Print Run

This includes the limited 25 copy print run for Spiel Essen and the 10 copy Black & White Dragonmeet run.

Page 30: Tricky should say : “During this threat, when a player activates a bonus, gain a free hazard roll.”

Page 31: Horde should say: “During this threat, if a status box is ticked, gain a free hazard roll.”

Page 49: When a draw is won should say, “Whoever wins the new roll may add an additional appropriate skill or increase the current Threat Dice.”

Page 50: Recovery scenes should succeed on a 5 or 6. A player cannot invoke a recovery scene if their character is captured.

Page 55: Between episodes should say “Players also gain one new motif based on events in the current episode OR a point of Karma.”