This snippet comes from the third chapter of Covenant, "Preparing for Play."

The first stage in preparing a Covenant game is a discussion between the players about the game's themes, approach and how it is likely to flow. The purpose of this is to brainstorm details of the cell to which the player's characters will belong, define the areas that interest you in the setting and avoid conflicts of expectation later on. Details are filled in on the cell playsheet (there is one at the end of the book) and should include:

  • A list of elements you want to see in the game's fiction, divided into conventions and motifs
  • The cell's former purpose
  • The cell's name and location
  • People important to the cell

Conventions and motifs are a great part of the game. The group uses them to agree the ground rules, both in terms of how the fictional world works and the recurring elements that describe it. However, you don't just brainstorm them and then file them away, they become an intrinsic part of the resolution system.