The last weekend in May/first in June is the second outing for UK Games Expo. Birmingham hasn't had a big con for a while, so last year's was definitely a welcome arrival. Expo covers all kinds of games from RPGs and miniatures through to board games and cards. It's notable for the effort the organisers put into outreach, doing lots of work to get kids and families in. Hopefully there'll be some crossover into the RPG arena there, they seem to have taken onboard last years comments about the RPGs being hidden away in the basement.

I'll be running two games, which you can sign up for here. A Covenant taster and a Lost Gods preview. Both will be running start games, so expect to turn up with nothing and then do zero to game in 10 minutes. RPG sessions do cost £2 to book, so I'll be busting a gut to make it worth your pennies. With luck I'll also have some freebies...

When I'm not running stuff I'll be found on the Collective Endeavour Stand, where you can also see a range of UK Smallpress games including some new faces. Keep a look out for the Revenge of the B Movie card game from Iain McAllister and Neil Gow's Napoleonic story game Duty & Honour.

For myself, I'll have nothing new to sell, but will have an early version of Lost Gods to show off and a near complete version of my miniatures skirmish game Pulp!