I just got back from UK Games Expo, a wonderful local convention in Birmingham. As always it was a well organised, diverse and entertaining event. A heady mix of board games, card games, roleplaying games and computer games (including a funky retro gaming area). RPGs had a bigger presence this year, and the event as a whole seems to be growing rapidly.

My main purchase of the con were some of the excellent, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang miniatures from Copplestone castings, who have a fun looking game in preparation for the same.

As always I manned the Collective Endeavour stand, where I soft launched Pulp!. This is now in final form (not radically different to the ashcan, but now with coil bind, fixed points calculations and corrected traits). If you fancy trying it, the quickstart demo is available.

Finally, I played a very enjoyable game of Hot War, run by Scott Dorward. If you get a chance to play his con scenario, "A New Covenant", it's a must.