Of Lost Gods & Faded Dreams

As you probably notice from the sidebar, I’m rebooting a long dormant game called Lost Gods. Originally written around 2000 and billed as “a game of fading deities”, the new version is different, and quite the experiment. 

Lost Gods is a game of modern day deities and the mortals they manipulate. These Gods require belief to survive, but in a world riddled with doubt can only gain it from small miracles that touch an individuals life.

Whereas the old version was a fairly traditional structure for an RPG, the new one attempts some fun things with regard to character ownership and protagonists. 

It’s GM-less.  This decision was influenced by Contenders. That was the first game I played that got GM-less play right, by providing a tight scene structure and a solid set of economies for authority and interaction between players. Similarly the new version of Lost Gods has a much tighter set of points of influence available, designed to aid in telling particular kinds of modern fable.

Similarly the new version aims to make who the heroes of your story are more fluid. Where before the Lost Gods were obvious protagonists and player characters, now they may just be instigators, and the Mortals are who we end up caring about in the story most. Or it might end up shifting and then shifting back.

Finally, the game is currently available freely via Google Documents for playtest purposes. I plan to keep it free when it’s finished. You’ll be able to grab a “done” PDF from the site, and if you like you can buy a prettier “dead tree” version at conventions or via Indie Press Revolution.  

6 thoughts on “Of Lost Gods & Faded Dreams”

  1. just to tell you, I’ve been playing for 2 years to Lost Gods, in the fictional town of Rainbow City, R.I..

    The story of the upcoming Ragnarok, a new version of Yggdrasil, and the convergence of various deities just wanting to rejoin their former realms through the Tree…It has a taste of nostalgia (Thor as an actor from the 40’s that everybody has forgotten), of betrayal (as the Asgardians, well, Loki, has destroyed in 1750 the ship on which were Circe, Pegasus, Perseus..Circe barely escaped to New York and now rules the city), of Love as the lovely Balder is an innocent and fascinating woman..I’ve adopted the system that I slightly modified..If you’re interested, I can send you pics and details of what I’ve done..(with a translation, if you don’t speak French!)

  2. Mathieu, that’s brilliant! I’d love to hear what you’ve done and see how you tweaked things! The 40s actor thing sounds fantastic.

    Drop me an email at matt at realms dot co dot uk

  3. Hi Jason, I probably have a copy somewhere… It might take a bit of tracking down. Any particular reason you’d like that version?

  4. Hi Matt,
    I’m interested in seeing any version of the game. I may run something similar, and I’d love to see your take on it.



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