Covenant is now all done bar the shouting. I'm just awaiting the final proof copies before I put it live for sale on Special thanks go to Keith Senkowski, for working tirelessly on the layout.

So, given that layout is done, I can show you the various play sheets that are used in the game:

Each of these sheets contributes to the game in a slightly different way. The cell sheet is for the whole group, including the Director, and its content relates back to the earlier preview, Preparing for Play

The character sheet contains all that a player needs for their protagonist (rules included). Other characters are written in the crucible in the middle, to show how their agendas affect the protagonist. It's a great tool for helping set good scenes.

The antagonist sheet is for the Director to record details of antagonists created during the game. It's not a taxing job coming up with these, since the players provide suggestions on the important people part of the cell sheet and the crucible on their character sheet.