Thanks to everybody who made Concrete Cow such a great Convention. I played an excellent game of Primetime Adventures (if you like good TV and like RPGs, this game is a must). I also got to run Covenent. The game has generated some interesting discussion of the rules over at the Collective Endeavour forum and I'd recommend that thread for an understanding of how the rules all interlink.

On the 24th and 25th of March, I'll be in Edinburgh for Conpulsion - Scotland's largest multi-format gaming convention. I'll be there with other CE folks, and we plan to have an informal game design roundtable on the Saturday where people bring their current ideas and we help out. It's right in the middle of Game Chef, so should be really useful for those of us who're entering! We've also got an Indie Games Track, lots of short 1 or 2 hour taster demos of cool games.