A Trip Down Podcast Memory Lane

Once upon a time, back when I was far more active online and busily debating new techniques in rules design and game structure over at The Forge, there were a number of Podcasts which I used to listen to. My favourite was Sons of Kryos. It was a nicely balanced mix of anecdotes of games played, playing advice and general chatter. Jeff and Judd (and later Storn) were personable hosts whose enthusiasm shone through. It had interviews recorded at conventions and dammit, they made GenCon sounds so much fun! So much so that I resolved to visit it myself (I actually got to game with them there in 2008 while helping out on the Play Collective booth).

A few years ago their old site dropped offline, and I feared the archive of this seminal gaming podcast was lost. Then, only a few weeks ago Judd announced that they’d uploaded the early episodes to the Sons of Kryos YouTube channel. You should go and listen, though some elements have dated, they’re a wonderful snapshot of a certain era of RPGs in terms of play, culture, ideas and events. I’m glad they’re back online.

They never did end up interviewing me about that Larp at King John’s hunting lodge though…

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