Covenant now in PDF

Well, it’s been a while coming, but I finally released an electronic version of Covenant.

You can currently download the PDF at RPGNOW for a $10 price tag. This is half what the book costs, so you’re getting plenty of goodness for your e-buck.

The PDF also contains all the errata and a few extra tweaks. Nothing major was added, but if you own the book, drop me and email (matt / at / realms / co / uk) and I’ll hook you up with a PDF too. Gratis.

Roleplaying Techniques : Adapting the Crucible to Other Games

In Covenant, there’s a big round region on the centre of the the character sheet. All other elements of the character sheet feed into it. Because it’s the melting pot where story is created, I named it the crucible. This is about how to adapt it to other games.

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