UK Games Expo : Anatomy of a convention

This last weekend I attended the 5th UK Games Expo in Birmingham (my local convention!) A couple of thousand people playing board games, card games and RPGs. I was joined by Andrew Kenrick, Iain McAllister and Marku and Eero Tuovinen on a booth full of Indie RPGs.

I’ve been going since the convention started and each year has been bigger and better. I though it would be worth nailing down exactly why this convention goes from strength to strength, from my perceptions at least, and what it might be able to improve.

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UK Games Expo 2010

The first weekend in June is the weekend of the wonderful UK Games Expo, a three day long games extravaganza featuring the best of the UK’s boardgames, miniatures, card games, video games and RPGs.

I’ll be there with the Collective Endeavour, with copies of Pulp! and Covenant for sale. I’ll also be running a game of Covenant on Saturday morning, it’s called Ends and Means, but like all such scenarios it’s wide open for playroom input.

I’ll also be running demos all through the Saturday and Sunday in the trade hall. With a little surprise, if I can get my act together…