Pulp Scenery – Build Your Own Ziggurat

My surprise addition for UK Games Expo this year was a new demo set piece for Pulp! The Ziggurat of Doom is a neat little demoing accessory that caught a fair bit of attention at the event. I figured it would be useful for folks to know how I went about making it.

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The Pulp Miniatures List

Where to get figures for Pulp!? That’s a question I get asked. Fortunately there’s a fair few places you can get some pulpy goodness in miniatures from online.

Obviously my favourites are the Copplestone Castings range of High Adventure and Back of Beyond. You’ve got some great armed archaeologists, assorted dinosaurs, explorers and yetis. Plus the Gangsters range give you thugs and guys with tommy guns. Mark’s a nice guy too, so deserves your custom.

Another recent discovery is the Artizan Designs collection of Thrilling Tales minis. There’s a great collection of aviators, police, cultists, nefarious villains and even some suitably nasty looking robots. Personally I particularly like the Sky Pirates.

Some of the RAFM Cthulhu miniatures have a suitably pulpy feel. Some of the sculpts are a bit cartoonish for my liking though.

Pulp figures produce a variety of options too. Again, some dodgy sculpts, but they have some unique options like the US Rocket Corps and Agents of Justice that should tempt you.

Roleplaying Techniques : Adapting the Crucible to Other Games

In Covenant, there’s a big round region on the centre of the the character sheet. All other elements of the character sheet feed into it. Because it’s the melting pot where story is created, I named it the crucible. This is about how to adapt it to other games.

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GenCon Indy 06

An Englishman in Indianapolis.

Where to begin? Having published a smallpress RPG, there seemed only one place to launch it, GenCon. Combining it with a holiday and visiting some friends seemed the way to go. We flew out a circuitous route from Birmingham to Amsterdam, Memphis and finally to Indianapolis. Never, ever, do this.Not if you want sanity and luggage to arrive with you, at any rate.

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Review : FTL Now

More alternate 20th century sci-fi from Flying Mice, this time in the modern era.

By Clash Bowley et al, Flying Mice LLC / Better Mousetrap Games, $10

FTL Now is the sequel to Cold Space. It takes a similar approach to science fiction, by providing a backdrop that is recent history written across space. So it’s 1990-2006, but done with spaceships and lasers.

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